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Friday, September 26, 2008

(Almost) Naked Girls Competition?

Okay, so it's not nearly as risque as it sounds. I was preparing supper yesterday evening and had the door cracked open since the girls were playing in the backyard. My ears perked up when I heard the older one going "Pull, pull!" and decided it would be in my best interest to investigate. She had thrown the garden hose over the deck and was pulling her little sister up, clinging rescue-style. She informed me that they were in the Olympics and that sister was a great "garden hose holder." I then informed her that, despite this enviable skill, it would be much safer to find another Olympic event in which to compete. They went to the trampoline and I quickly finished supper, then went outside to join them. I bounced for a minute, which is not nearly as much fun when you're not a kid anymore, then sat in the middle for them to bounce me. Older DD then announced it was time for the "naked girls competition!" She proceeded to strip down to her Little Pony undies and, of course, Little Bit wanted everything off but her diaper, then they ran around me until they fell down from exhaustion. DH was quite disappointed to hear that I did not participate in this particular event, but since we are planning to live in our quiet suburban neighborhood for at least a few more years, I thought it best not to scandalize our neighbors too much.

P.S. As if there weren't enough excitement yesterday, Little Bit dropped a paving brick on her toe and opened it good this evening. We're shopping for a helmet for her birthday, but I think full body armor might be more appropriate.

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